hey dudes, it'd be killer if you guys could check out songs and stuff, if you dig us, you can "like" us on our facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/RazedOfficial ), if not u can give criticism here, give us a chance :P

http://www.22tracks.com/bru/#rough/3803 (the song is called Trigger by Razed)



appreciate every and any response, really, peace
I'm at school right now, but I'll make a mental note to check you guys out and give you some feedback when I can! I'm just gunna go ahead and like your page anyways. Like my band's page back? reverbnation.com/bullettrial or facebook.com/BulletTrial
sorry, im currently listen to john frusciante and i dont think that its possible for me to stop until i finish all eight of his albums that i own, sorry, hes too amazing
Checked it out and sounds pretty great to me! Kinda reminds of some good old bands, but there's still this your own personal style. Nice soloing, and I also like your tone and how it fits with the singer's voice!

Here are some of my opinions, and if I have to say some criticism here, do some acoustic stuff too. Might sound cool aswell.

Well, rock on! \m/
That stuff is freakin awesome mate, very old school, thats the stuff mate lol

great great stuff

heres mine



Im gonna like your vid on youtube, your fan page and share on my FB profile!!

If you could do the same that would be great..

All the best
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