Okay - I recently traded a Fender Jim Root Telecaster (a 1200$ guitar) for a Spector Legend 6, and a 7 string Schecter Hellraiser.

The Spector came with a polyfoam case, and a new set of strings as well.

Let me say that this bass is really nice, the guy I got it from had it setup to perfection, the action is real low, and sweep picking and quick scale runs are super easy on this bass, and the finish is a pretty black cherry, and you can see the nice wood grain.

My only complaint is that a 850$ bass should not come with off-brand EMG pickups (in this case its the EMG-SSD, which is basically a clone of the EMG-HZ), I kinda wish it had the standard EMG pickups, but.. it still sounds good.

First - here is a sample:


And here is some pics:




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Is this amazing? Could it be?
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Beautiful....just... beautiful!
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Can't say that I'm a massive fan of the look, but that is only personal opinion, and ultimately it sounds great - especially for type of music you play.

All in all, well done on a great purchase!
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well done i must say lol

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