Hey UG!

What I think I have potentially discovered/stumbled upon is a way I could potentially “re-amp” guitar tracks without the possibility of spending say £100 or so on a Re-Amp box using this method which I’ve yet to truly test as of yet but I would like to you know what you guys think of this potential idea.

Firstly I have cable #1 going from my guitar direct into my SB Audigy 2 ZS soundcard via the ¼” jack port which I would then record in Cubase 5 (Audio Track #1) whilst cable #2 would come out of the ¼” Headphone socket into my pedalboard then cable #3 into my guitar amp which I would use for monitoring purposes.

Once the guitar part has been recorded, I would then replace cable #1 with an SM57 mic & cable into the same ¼” socket (with an XLR > ¼” converter) and set it up in front of my guitar cab.

I would then set up Audio Track #2 in Cubase to record into constantly looping the first Guitar track through the guitar amp (which was previously used as a monitor through the Headphone socket) tweaking the knobs as I go until I find the Tone I’m looking for before I hit record.

NB *I can provide pictures for those interested*

Now I’m only thinking this would work in THEORY because earlier on today I set up a cable from the headphone socket > pedalboard > guitar amp on a clean setting and heard everything pretty damn clear which leads me to believe this might actually work if I had a mic set up going back into the soundcard and recording in Cubase, however I would still like to read/hear any input you guys may have!

Thank You for Your time everyone!

Either its going to work or your are going to create a loop and your are going to get a loud shrieking sound from your soundcard I imagine.

I recorded guitar and ran a 1/4" from output of UX2 back into a wah pedal then into the soundcard again in my noobie days and my ears hated me for about 3 horus after the loud shriek that occured. So I learned from my mistakes I actually have 2 computers and 3 soundcards to its pretty easy for me to reamp

Soundcard 1 to blah to soundcard 2 :p
You need to make sure that Audio Track #2 is muted while recording or you will get the feedback loop FireHawk described.

In my experience you need a reamp box to match the impedance levels, or else you get a lot of noise. However, when I have tried to reamp without a box I went from a line level mono out directly into the amp (no pedals).
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