can a regular multieffects pedals be used with a acoustic-electric guitar???
i am currently using the zoom g2 and yamaha apx500.....
will it damage any equipment????
coz i love my g2 as well as yamaha apx.....
Quote by katalyzt13
it won't damage anything.

will the effects have as much clarity as using an electric guitar???
its not going to sound the exact same as your electric, because the way the pickup in an acoustic work are different. but yes, it'll work the exact same, you'll be able to apply distortion, octave change, delay, reverb, whatever else you can do with your multi-effects.
why don't you go ahead and try it out to see if you like it?

if you already have both right next to you, why would you go onto the internet and ask how it sounds? God gave you two ears and a brain for a reason kid.
Something to consider is balancing the input levels between your pedal inputs and the A-E's output. A-E guitars have a onboard preamp, so they can have quite a bit of output. That said, be careful not to overdrive the effects chain. (If you want overdrive, get it later in the chain).

It would probably just take some fiddling between the guitars output level and the pedal board input to make certain you can get back to a clean acoustic sound when you need it.
Go check Damien Rice, he passes a buttload of fx through he's acoustic when playing live so tou shalt be fine.
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