I'm thinking of buying a wah pedal, not just because I like the sound or that it is a very versatile effect that can be used in all kinds of music without sounding too cheesy or overused, but also because of how interactive it is during play. There are wah footswitches available, but they don't interest me in the slightest.

What I want to know is if there are pedals for any other kind of effect aswell. I mean a real pedal where you can add a little bit or alot with your foot, as opposed to a footswitch where with your foot you can only turn it on or off.

I've tried googling this question and all search items come up with footswitches. I'm specifically looking for effect 'pedals'.
It's fairly common for pedals to have expression input which gives control over one variable, e.g feedback levels in a delay, speed in a phaser

Volume pedals are used with a foot controller, the most famous pedal other than the wah is the digitech whammy pitch shifting pedal
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Ya, some have expression outs where you can change a parameter by plugging in an expression pedal. These are generally modulation and time based pedals. You can also get special knobs that are easier to turn with your foot for other pedals.
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So these pedals where you can add a little or a lot depending on how much you put your foot down (like a gas pedal on a car) is specifically called an expression pedal?

@teh goon, just saw a YT vid of someone using a digitech whammy pitch shifter pedal. Didn't really appeal to me but maybe that's because of how he was playing:


I guess this is similar to the pitch bending wheel u get on keyboards?

@mmolteratx, do you mean that I could get say a flanger pedal and plug an expression pedal into it so that I can add flange on particular notes in a riff? I'm not even sure if that would sound good, I'm just thinking in an experimental way lol. Also, these expression pedals would effectively be like remote controls right? And I could stock buy a few of them to plug into all my other pedals?

Thanks all for the input.
^No. Most of the pedals where you can add an expression pedal have something like rate or speed or depth that can be controlled by the expression pedal. So with the flanger you would probably control the speed of the flanger (fast/slow), not turning it on or off.
I think what your getting at is something like the EHX Memory Boy, Pigtronix Philosophers Stone and Moog pedals? Those all have an expression pedal input that can be used to control some parameters.

Line 6 M5/9/13 also have this. The M5 has one expression pedal input and the M9 and M13 both have 2 inputs.

What you where saying about having an effect for only certain notes in a riff you would want something with a momentary switch where it is engaged as long as the switch is engaged. Hold down the button for the duration you want it engaged, and when you let go it's disengaged. As opposed to a latch switch where you click it and it engages until you click it again to disengage.