i have to write a 15-20 page paper for my music history class and im struggling on picking the topic. I was thinking of doing Bach's Well Tempered Clavier but i think this would most likely be to broad of a topic for 15-20 pages. then i was thinking of doing Mozart breaking away from the patronage system and how that affected him and other composers but i thought that was too narrow of a topic. Any suggestions?
Do it on the James Hetfield's progression from thrash metal frontman to a table.
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The historical development of SWAG.
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I don't know man. I'm nut a huge bach fan myself. His early stuff is alright, but from the 3rd album on he was just going more and more mainstream.
Even though he's more modern, you should do a piece in that paper on Italian composer/pianist Ludovico Einaudi's playing; it's minimalist and very textural, a far cry from what you typically hear in classical music, and would be a good contrast to some of the stuff you're considering writing about as a sort of bullet point in your paper.

As far as classical classical, I'd honestly go with Frederic Chopin. It's not only music that was immense and compelling, but his life as well.
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One of Tchaikovsky's three ballets or Romeo and Juliet or some other thing he wrote for something.

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forgot to mention this but im supposed to stay with classical era or earlier

Ah, got it.

I'd still say Chopin.

What specifically does your paper have to focus on? You could pull 20 pages easily out of Chopin's life; both for music and other.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

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it is just a general paper on anything from ancient to classical.

write about Earl Scruggs. he's ancient.
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Wait, classical as in the common practice period or classical as in Haydn and Mozart?
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