i have a crate 120 GFX-212t - i love it - but recently the input is giving me trouble. Basically it cuts out and I have to jiggle it for it to work.

Can anyone tell me what part to get to replace it? I'm looking at sights like this one http://www.studiosoundelectronics.com/ampparts.htm but I'm not sure what to get... HELP? -

also - anything to be worried about in putting a new input jack in? I assume it's pretty straight forward.
The first thing you should do is reflow the solder connection on the current jack. I've seen this several times where the problem is cracked solder joints. Don't worry if the crack isn't visible, just give it a try.
Don't look for anything. Just reflow the solder joints on each and every pot and jack that goes to the control panel. You can't necessarily see the cracks without a good magnifying glass.

It may be just the jack, but while you are in there just do them all.
Let me know if that fixes it so I can add it to my list of how amps were fixed by this. I've had 4 amps that suffered this problem, and were fixed this way. Plus a flaky one I got rid of a long time ago that I bet had the same problem. I just figured all the pots needed replacing and didn't think it was worth it.
so I gotta say - I hit the existing jack connections with the iron (didn't even add solder).... and it magically works now. still gotta use it more to make sure it's not just a quirk, but i think you were right about the small crack... thanks man.