this one is for my band, kind of taking a new direction with it. Starts out with some good fun Pop Punk, hate my ex bullshit. Gets more of that old screamo feel for a bit and back to the pop punk and then has a pretty fun post rock break and explosion as the end approaches and then some reassuring feel near the end. It runs about 6:47. Lyrics aren't really final and some of that is going to be screaming and shit too.
College 4.zip
I didn't really like that sound of the drums, but the whole pop-punk section was pretty enjoyable, I could see the vocals working if you did them pretty harshly, or nearly screamed. At D, it really gets awesome musically and vocally. I thought F and G should have had vocals overtop, but maybe you haven't gotten there yet. H was amazing, I could imagine a spoken word part or something overtop that turns into screaming overtop of Part I. I think the lead line at bar 173 is a little too generic...we've heard that plenty before, you know? Anyways, I2 would also sound awesome with some screaming overtop. Pretty Strong ending.

Im not sure how I feel about this one though. It definitely contains come of your strongest writing, but it feels a little disjointed, probably because of the whole first part of strictly pop-punk type of writing. It flows really well into D and then E which go perfectly into that emo feel, but it just never goes back into that pop-punk feel. I would probably try creating a different first section to this song (a shorter one too), and just go straight from that first part to D, since D on flows really well and sounds much more coherent.

Whoa, wrote a lot there....