First of all, hello to everyone!
Recently I started learning the guitar and quickly came to a realization that i'd much more prefer to play with my fingers instead of a pick. I feel my fingers make a more natural and somewhat more relaxing sound than a pick.
But, I am having trouble strumming upward with my right hand fingers. For strumming downward, is simply use the fat of my thumb. I tried to use my index finger to strum upward but it didn't work out well ( the sound was quite off ) . Which finger should i use for strumming upwards and could you give me any special tips for that? Also, is it a good idea to use your fingers for strumming , or would you recommend a pick ?
I'm sorry if this has been asked before. If it is, you could simply refer to the topic where this has come up.
Thank you.
I use my fingers, and tend to use the nails on my 1st/2nd/3rd (mostly 2nd) fingers for down strums and my thumbnail as I come up.

I used to use a pick, but recently switched to fingers, because of the music I play - mostly acoustic fingerpicking stuff.
They both work, I'd suggest having a go at both so you can use either one. I do find fingers harder than a pick though
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Personally when strumming with my hands (if I want it to be louder or more powerful) I strum down with the nails of my fingers and up with the nail of my thumb, keeping my hand really loose.
If I want it to be a softer strumming sound I generally use the outer side of my thumb for both up and down.
(I'm assuming this is for acoustic guitar) but give it a try and see if it works for you
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I use a flemenco strumming technique myself. Albeit harder, it allows some extra rhythmic control, such as slaps and faster triplets. Definitely something worth looking into.
Basically You strum as Down with nail ring finger, down with thumb, up with nail of thumb, up with ring finger all in one movement.

Otherwise I just strum like im holding a pick, using the nail of the thumb and first finger
I don't really have nails, so if I wanna strum something, I use my middle finger, holding it as a pick for more stability. Otherwise, I play the acoustic much more as a bass than as a guitar...
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Unless you are looking for that "fingernail" sound, the way that I think will give you the most options later on is to strum up and down with your index finger, flicking it down on a down stroke, and curling it in a "come-hither" motion on the way up. Accent by using the index and middle finger.

This is how my guitar teacher taught me to play for acoustic and electric. I think this technique will prove easier for faster strumming and more precise control eventually.

The thumb is good for certain sounds (jazzy, warm, or bluesy), but the index finger can give you some snap (no pun intended).

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