hey guys,
here to show of my new project
i know, its not a building thread because i will probably finish in the days coming.

we have some specs:
Neck: maple
Body: ash
colour: shiny white, also on headstock
pickguard: pearloid red
pickup: emg SAX active
graphtech nut

i chose for the name Edge of Creation because its kinda the best thing i could come up with, you see i repair guitars for some local people and i am on GB&C for at least one hour a day so i picked up some ideas along the way. So here is the awesome stuff:
Intregrated 5 led circuit (4 white, one blue in the middle), controls:
-a switch for response (loud noise=bright light, soft noise=less bright etc)
-a strobing circuit
-a switch for only blue
-a switch for everything fully on

A slide holder on the headstock, i like to use a slide now and then but i hate to have it on my hands all the time so thats why :p also a pick holder but thats an obvious one i think

I wanted to include a onboard multi effect, but i am really lacking space so that will be for next time, i am however still on the lookout for a small tuner which i can fit somewhere in bethween.

So as know might know, i have already got all my parts, the body had its last coat of white today, tomorrow will be first clearcoat. the pickguard with all features is already soldered and fully operational. pics will be up some of these days so stay tuned ^^