I want to take off the pickup covers from both humbuckers of my Epiphone Les Paul, I've already unscrewed them so they come off the guitar and all I can see holding them on is two blobs of solder per pup. Is it just a case of removing these? If so, how do I do that? Thanks in advance amigos
u can desolder them, by heating them up with a solder gun.

or u can get a knife and cut threw the solder, I did that with my pocket knife and it worked

then they should slide off with a little effort, since there will be wax
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You'll probably need a really hot iron to get it off. 40 watts might not do the trick. Try cutting it. If you aren't one to take caution you can grind it down with a dremel or similar. You can also use a torch to melt the solder. These are both probably ill-advised methods.
40W soldering iron will do the trick of melting the solder, but usually the easiest and quickest way is to gently bend the pickup covers sides with screw driver. The cover usually cracks free of the solder joints quite easily. Just remember not to stick you're screwdriver into the pickups copper wiring.