Guitar: Charvel model 4
Kahler 2300, non hybrid version.
I don't have a tremolo arm and honestly want this to be my "fixed bridge" guitar.
So, I can remove the locking nut and cut a new full truss rod cover, and somehow make the bridge fixed, much like Marty Friedman's Jackson Kelly.
The thing is, how am I going to make a non hybrid kahler fixed?
Would I use wooden blocks, or an idea I had, I could remove the springs beneath it, and make metal brackets to put in place of them so it wouldn't budge.
Cusp of Magic
they have a pretty simple route, you could just buy regular hardtail bridge like they've got on fender hardtails and stick a wood block in there, fill the gaps with plastic wood and as much actual wood as you can. and swap it.
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So I wait all day for a suggestion that only leads me to swapping out the bridge.
I'd prefer to keep it the way it is because it's made in USA, however I want to put in a wood block, or metal brackets or something to make it fixed, but with all the adjustment possibilities that are on the bridge itself.
So is there any adjustment at all that can be done on it, because it doesnt have a fixed set screw, like I said, would pieces of metal in place of the springs hold it securely in place without movement?
Cusp of Magic
Get a Tremol-no fo your guitar.
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I think what I plan to do is take an old copper/brass humbucker baseplate, cut it to size and drill holes, remove the springs, and put it in their place. It should hold together well, and possibly increase sustain.
I took off the locking nut and am making a new full truss rod cover, the D/G locking nut is stripped anyway, so what would it hurt converting it to a fixed bridge.
Cusp of Magic
I made a bracket in place of the springs out of an old humbucker baseplate:

And I made a new truss rod cover in place of the locking nut out of a piece of plastic:

Cusp of Magic
Stick a chunk of brass in there.
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