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Mr. Brightside by The Killers kind of brings out that hopelessness of having your girlfriend leave you for someone else... I just found out my ex girlfriend that we were considering getting back together, is hanging out with one of my old friends... Are there any other songs you know that do the same thing?
I've heard that i cum blood follows a similar story, however i have never looked up the lyrics personally
"I have good eye-sight, insight, and foresight. How could an
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Pink triangle.
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The entirety of Alkaline Trio's "Goddamnit."
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I've heard that i cum blood follows a similar story, however i have never looked up the lyrics personally

God dammit, beat me to it.
La dispute - Bury Your Flame
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Down with the Sickness, even though I hate the song...
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Bulletproof or fake plastic trees (live version at Glastonbury 2003 is amazing) - Radiohead
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Sums up whisky perfectly
Jay-Z - 99 Problems...

I'm just kidding, I wouldn't wish that on you. I already feel bad for suggesting it.
I'd say it pretty much depends on how close you were... But Metallica - Fade To Black and pretty much everything by Bullet For My Valentine?
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Pink triangle.

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OT: Let's get the cliche of "Creep" out of the way. "My Friend Peter" and "Goodbye Forever" - Alkaline Trio "Don't Leave Me" - Blink 182 and though it was said jokingly earlier "99 Problems"
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There's this song about a man that gets so miserable that he becomes a table. And seems to be proud of it, as he sings repeatedly: "I am the table".

I love that song so much...

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Lot of Hank III songs
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Good God Man What's Wrong With You!?
**** You Lucy- Atmosphere
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I just found out my ex girlfriend that we were considering getting back together, is hanging out with one of my old friends...

I've been run down
I've been lied to
And I don't know why ... I let that mean woman make me a fool
She took all my money ... wrecked my new car
Now she's with one of my good time buddies ... they're drinkin' in some cross town bar

Whipping Post - Allman Bros. Band
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Lot of Hank III songs

Fuck yeah

EDIT: Things You Do To Me is good starting place.

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When I was 15, and I got dumped by the "love of my life" at the time, I constantly listened to bowling for soup while wallowing away in self loathing and self pity while knocking back can after can of ginger beer. So I recommend listening to bowling for soup.
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I Wish My Beer Was as Cold as Your Heart!

Love the Drills.

Dosed, I Could Have Lied - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anything by Adele.
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wth is with all these pussy "weeping in agony" type of songs.....

You give love a bad name~bon jovi
(as mentioned before) I used to love her~ Guns and Roses
The things you do~ Zakk Wylde
Trollhammeren~ Finntroll

You're welcome.
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Book of shadows 2?
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