So after ive been playing for a few years, practiced for over 8 hours a day, i want somthing challenging, i've look at Yngwie Malmsteen and if any one knows any other top shreders like him please feel free to meantion, otherwise im just looking for a 3 minute solo that comes from heaven (or hell ;D gotta love Am arpeggios) and that looks like i put some time into it, which usually i do, but something that makes my guitar teacher's jaw drop and ask me if i could teach him for a change.... PLEASE POST ANYTHING WORTHY (not being cocking, just saying make sure its not the solo to crazy train *yawns*)
Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater
Dark Matter - Rustey Cooley
Miles Of Machines - Jeff Loomis
Azure Haze - Jeff Loomis
(Actually anything off of Zero Order Phase should do)
Technical Difficulties - Racer X
Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar - Paul Gilbert

And a bunch of songs by the same artists I just named.
Where's Waldo?
you can find what you are looking for probably in any All That Remains song, but that needs D tuning or Db. the easiest one i think is probably "Six" or "This Calling" as it is pretty simple scales (though it can be fast sometimes). plus, not everyone like metalcore hehe.

lucky you with a teacher... i have gone 4 years out of 5 by having to learn by myself

good luck!
Michael Angelo Batio - 'Most anything. I'd suggest No Boundaries, it's pretty intense.

+1 for most of the other stuff as well ^^
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