Hey all!

I'm in the process of picking out a new electric acoustic. I'm just getting into searching, but i thought i'd ask if anyone had any decent suggestions.

I'm looking for some sort of solid-top guitar under 600 dollars that will sound nice plugged in or unplugged. I'm looking to get a solid-top of any brand, and from what i've read sitka spruce tops are reliable. Of course, im not going to purchase anything without playing it first

Is there anything i should know before looking?
And does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
plus one to a used taylor
they are amazing and well worth the wait
i have a ce110 and it is my favorite guitar
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love the taylors, have a K10. so many choices.. for that money you can get some really nice ones. i'm partial to ovation elec/acoustics. the elite T series is good. i have 2 with just upper sound holes(2078ax and 1778rft..cool flame job) great deep sound and still manages highs very well. plus they have onboard tuners! electronics are better than my K10's expressions system and they were 1/4 the price.if you can find a USA made one it'd be better. i also think highly of the ibanez line.it really depends mostly on what type of music you like to play. i do a lot of A7X,shinedown, type stuff, so the baritone style guitars work better for me. i use my taylor for more classic stuff. 3 doors down works better with my samick ASDM.
do you have a size or nut width preference?
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Hi, I'm Saumen from India...can anybody suggest a new steel string Acoustic/Electric guitar of particular specification??.....Solid genuine mahogini back & side, solid Spruce top, Dreadnought with Cutaway body shape....with no pick guard....and a pretty good pickup/preamp system.....pls tell me guys.....which brand & model can meets all these specification....i wanna purchase..