Oh hey, I love this band.


You want a MK2 TONEBENDER (clone).

I'm 100% certain because my MJM Brit Bender (2 knob version) gets this sound exactly. It's a fantastic pedal, though it is a bit pricey at $175 on Proguitarshop.com (could be worse). The settings I would use for Luckydutch would be to have the level all the way up and the fuzz all the way down.


There are couple other tonebender copies like the the Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper pedal and the MJM 3 knob Brit Bender and they have a seperate tone control. I think it would be better to go for one of these, because my 2 knob BB is pretty dark sounding (through my vox ad50-vt), and with a tone control things could be a lot easier.

I'm not too certain about the Blue Box...I don't think the octave-adding will give you the sound you want. If you set the controls so that you don't get any octave I still don't think you'll get the sound you want.
No problem!

I checked your gear and since you're using single coils, the 2 knob Brit Bender won't be dark sounding, just perfect. It's with humbuckers that it gets a little too dark, but even then a little EQ'ing can fix it up fair enough. The pedal cleans up well and gives a great volume/gain boost when you max out your volume for solos.

Using a wah can be fantastic with the pedal too, because you get a treble boost (when it's left on) that can really cut through in a band setting. The wah solo in Luckydutch basically showcases this.

Good luck in getting one! I'll never let go of mine .
From what I've heard, Build Your Own Clone makes great ToneBender clones, so if you're willing to build it yourself (a lot of fun imo) it's around $80 cheaper. Look it up on youtube.
just a warning, the blues box won't do that haha. It drops your sound like 2 octaves haha. Anyway, love the band, and any sort of vintagish fuzz (face) should get you damn close. I've also heard very good things about the mjm london fuzz, but its a tad expensive.

edit: also I believe if you look at 4:10, thats a russian big muff (black one). I also know a lot of other heavy blues bands use those. They are hard to come by and expensive though although you never mentioned a budget.
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