What's the best acoustic guitar pickup out there? I don't want to have to do any drilling, so I want one that sits in the soundhole. I don't need EQ, because I've got pedals for that. Also, I'll be playing it (at the start) through my Vox AC15C1, so I'm not sure whether single coil/humbucker would be better for the job. I want it to sound like my acoustic (ie I want it to microphone the sound cavity, kind of thing, and not just sense the strings).

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Vox AC15c1
or a pa, or mic it.
but i've got a couple of electric amps work fine.

if you can, pick up a pickup with a volume on the cable.

just so much easier.

what's your budget?

also know that when you play out with acoustics. they almost always can mic an acoustic.
and provide the pa.

oh and the woody is good.
and i have an lr baggs pup i picked up for cheap a while ago,
works fine.

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