Going to New York for my 40th bday in may. While Im there I want to get a new tattoo so im turning here to see if anyone can reccommend a good shop. I dont mind paying for good artwork but I dont have a rockstar budget. Obviously since we are tourists we be be in or around the tourist areas. Times square, broadway, ground zero. Any suggestions?
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Yes it's a joke from 2007 but jesus man learn to use google.

The idea was to see if anyone had experience with a certain tattoo shop(s) making the search that much easier. Kind of like a review...

Apparently you missed that part
There's not many shops around Ground Zero. You can take a look at St. Marks Place which is essentially W8th between 1st and 2nd Avenues, there's loads of piercing and tattoo shops on that block. They're mostly tourist/teenage traps but I hear Andromeda is good. Broadway might have a few, but Times Square I'd doubt.

I personally use a local guy but he's here in Brooklyn (40 min train ride from Ground Zero). It all depends on what you're getting... maybe if you've got an idea I can help out a little more with shops in the area.
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