Hey UG!!

I just salvaged this parts out of a CPU. It's the power box. I unscrewed it and found all this along with 18AWG (can 18AWG be used in pedal building?)

Anyway, do you see any good parts to build a good pedal?


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I used some of the coil wire in one to build a simple pickup once. output was pathetic but it worked for what I was doing.
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All sorts of stuff is on there but it's not a case of "take this thing, this thing and this and it makes a magical awesome fuzz box" it's more a case of find a circuit for a fuzz and try to salvage the components from it from the power supply. If you're asking what parts you can use you're not at the point (knowledge wise) where you could build something with the transistors you've got (unless they're a super common kind, which I bet they're not).