And I sometimes feel; that those who say
"you must know the rules before you
break them"
... say so only because
they are jealous
That They spent
too much
rules instead
of making, up
their own,.
I raged so hard. This is brilliant

(inb4 misunderstanding people post corrections?)
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.
See, the only reason this works, though, is because you know the rules well enough to break them in an interesting way.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Well, I suppose this is one of those obvious statements that makes a person who reads it think, and I really like it. I just wish you wrote something more that it can apply to, knowing how strong of a point of view you have of things. Then again, it may be better left as it is. I liked it.
This is not a pipe
I've been inactive in my posts of late, I barely bother logging in anymore but seeing as I've just threaded, I thought I'd say that every time I come to this forum I make point of looking at all you're pieces man. You strike a chord every time, I feel like you should live round the corner so I could say hey every now and then.

Please don't feel obliged to comment on mine just because of this, in fact ifyoufeel inclined to comment, please don't. I just wanted to tell you ha.

Take it easy man!
You take my place in the showdown, I observe with a pitiful eye. I'll humbly ask you forgiveness, a request well beyond you and I.