Hey there!!!
I have a Spider III 15w amp with an 8'' speaker...What type of speaker is it?Cause i have to replace it..
Is it Full Range - Mid bass - Mid range or Mid hight? 4 ohms? or 8 ohms?
I can easily find a replacement if i know techinical info like that...!!!
Plz don't say custom!!!!Tell me whats more like it if you want to answer that!!!!
Thnx for your time!!!!
full range huh?hmm...Thnx anyway!!!Any idea of ohms?Cause from what i heard line 6 plays in 7 ohms and Marshal on the other hand on 4 ohms...Is that true?
i think he missed your post brah.

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Well custom doesn't say anything to me...the ohms is something that really lehps me!!!Tha prob is that a new amp will cost more or less that 98 Euro for me..and it is something i cannot afford right now...on the other hand i can find a speaker with less than 30 euro at the momment!Witch is something that can help for now!!And when it is possible for me to buy a new one i will go for a 30w amp not a 15w one!!So that's y i need that specification!!To find what's best for now!!!Thnx again!!!
relax!I 'm not stupid and not blind!I can see!!And as i said the ohms really helped me!!!
I'm telling you again that a new speaker will cost me maximum of 30 euro..it's a 15w amp...the max RMS of my speaker will be arround 50 RMS...i'm not talking about an 150RMS speaker witch will cost arround 80 euro!!And i live in greece...witch is a really shity country for good prices at the momment with a 23% cost just for Taxes....That's y i need that specification...cause i can find a mid bass speaker with 20 euro and a mid high with less than 30...Asked about full range...it doesn't really exists as it supposed to be...it's more like a mid range witch is not good for an amp like line 6 cause it has some kick ass bass if u throttle it!!!!
It almost sounds to me like you're thinking of putting something other than a guitar loudspeaker into your amp... I'm not sure that would work well.
well i can't do anything else atm...and that's y i need those info..to do whats closer to the real deal...I've already tried a speaker from a Marshal amp but the sound is not as it supposed to be....for some reasson it's a bit poor...
Quote by Gilgalland
well i can't do anything else atm...and that's y i need those info..to do whats closer to the real deal...I've already tried a speaker from a Marshal amp but the sound is not as it supposed to be....for some reasson it's a bit poor...

...because it's a spider?
what's the prob with the spider thing?
It's a really nice amp for what i want to hear!
Whatever speaker is in the dumpster you throw the amp into will be fine.
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wolf all the speakers are the same when they have the same specification(Range-Ohms-Watt/RMS)...That's how it works...There is not anything diffrent about them...
I need the those specs to change my speaker cause it's broken...Why else do u thing???So plz tell me more things defected...What else is diffrent except those specs and the matterials??...Thnx for your help Ethan!!!I will take it under consideration!!!
I think Rosetta Stone makes a good speaker called "English". You should check it out.

Honestly though, putting a new speaker in that is not going to make it sound any better.
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sry chadreed32 i don't want a trolls opinnion...and sry but i live in greece...it's not my foreign language...i'm trying here....
That was not trolling. You obviously don't know what trolling is. That was more of a sarcastic comment.

And the thing is, you obviously know how to spell "sorry" if you can abbreviate it to "sry" and can spell "you" and "why" if you can abbreviate them to "u" and "y". And you most likely know to capitalize "I" when it stands alone if you know to put apostrophes in the right places.

I also believe that a new speaker will not compensate for the lack of color in tone in said amp. However, if you really want a new speaker, Ethan has suggested a fine one for you.
Where's Waldo?
ok...chadreed32...we use sry for sorry in games 8 years now...yes you can use u=you and why=y...i know...i'm an online gamer...believe me i know things like that....u have no idea about sarcasm and i what is a troll!!!Relax and let me do my job here...as i said before i don't want to have the same sound but a close one...that's y i need those specs...and ofc not to damage the amp it self..and unfortunatly that spaker of ethna will not help me cause it's for a more vintage sound nor a metal sound like the one i use...thnx for your help..and plz from now on only Comments about the question and not about the way i speak...The question is about the speakers and not my language...Thnx for your time...(I'm still trying to be polite here...so plz...)
Why else would i ask for something like that?I don't want to upgrade it...I just want to fix it by picking the best choice to avoid damaging the amp it self....:S
just grab the cheapest speaker meant for guitar you can find.

it won't make a difference.

that amp is solid state the ohms don't even matter.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Quote by ethan_hanus
Jenson Mod 8 at 4 ohms will be a suitable replacement. They can be had for less than $30 too, very good speakers.

This seems like the best reply, seriously guys, stop telling him to get a new amp, he can't afford it and he just wants to know about the speaker. This kind of shit is what makes GG & A annoying half the time.
Yeah guys, calm down. He doesn't want to buy a new amp, he never said that. He wants to buy a new speaker. And yeah, listen to Ethan's advice.
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thats like trying to put a ferrari engine in a geo metro.

just buy a new but still cheap practice amp.