I recently started to try and write some songs for a solo project and have kinda run into a brick wall as to where to go with the music I'm trying to make. I was wondering how long did it take you fellow song writters to become confident writeing songs in your style of music? I know everyone has to start somewhere but I wanted to know what it took to get you guys better at writing music?
It helps me sometimes to take a break for a day or so, then come back to your project with a fresh mind; or jam on something totally different to get some creative juice flowing
I was kinda just thrown into it, and didn't have much time for confidence. I joined a band, and I had to write songs, so I wrote songs, and they were shit. But at least I was writing. I kept writing, even if I knew what I was writing was stupid, and eventually it stopped being stupid. But it's okay not to feel confident, because that nervous energy makes you want everything perfect. So you'll try your hardest not to suck.

Where was I going with this... Oh yeah. Just keep writing. It'll be okay.
For me it´s best to write songs when I´m inspirated (when it goes like water) because for me it is much easier because I know exactly what I want to write and it just takes an hour or so but at the end of the day I´m done and I wrote a whole new song ... and I don´t stop after the first verse and don´t know what to write and then the song is uncompleted
Normally when I come up with a song it just grips me and a sit and write nearly furiously till i get the right lyrics, chord progression and vocal melody and a quick recording of at least the verse and chorus. What it took too get better (and I'm constantly improving and don't think I'll ever stop learning about writing music) was to keep writing songs, researching music theory, loads of pratice and determination not to stop writing. Working with different songwriters and musicians has helped get different influences and input, and playing songs to friends and family has been very useful for me to get a quick opinion. Over say a period of years I'd rather not admitt too (lol) I've built up about 10 song books worth of lyrics(not including notes on laptop and phone), a million different chord progressions, a ton of licks I have an entire catalogue of songs I'm hoping to finish at some point. I find always having a recorder to hand is vital as if you have an idea for a lick or progression or even vocal melody it's best to get it down fast so you dont forget it. Since it's become almost instinctual for me to record when im jamming and am pleasently surprised to find recordings I'd forgot I recorded.