and that? thats a rap. che-che-cheque it outttt-

been 6 years since non-prophets dropped hope
been 2 hundred since joseph smith typed up the scriptures
been less than 365 days since i ripped off the power rangers bandage
rub salt in the wound each morning before it re-blisters

this is a reflection bound to heart kissers
well wishers with significant others who just cant wish hard enough
so he slaps her rough(er) than a puppy bite
haphazard fury of a fire dancer cutting wrists out in suburbia
danger (danger) damage (damage)
white boys staring at a white boy
asking how to reconcile privilege
in the stomach acid of a dragon where he's told he's the 1 percent
while the other 99 are his inner city neighbors
his human kind companions
(his best friend black brethren)
parents never let him play with because they were too dangerous
child molester negro killers entrenched
with Sambo and Nat Turner

screaming burn her (please son just burn her)
never date her (never ever date her)
danger (danger) damage (damage)
tapes it to the heart flap until he starts dealin gateway pills on the corner
slipped into the backdoor of the prison serving jus one week of parole
oh sir its cause your white skin color
no toll
save the brunt of your actions for the spread eagle limbs of a lesser race
case up inequality in retrospective justification in a protestant nation
whose thrown off the blanket of god and his vocabulary
but has kept the latent dichotomy
without the comforting image of mother mary there's
danger (danger) damage (damage)

been 228 days since i had to carry
a dead woman from the delhi
roadside limp body too heavy
two of us grabbed the legs
her open eyes grabbed our sanity
come back stateside with her soul bubbling up inside of me
telling me
danger (danger) damage (damage)
the only dead culture is the one that keeps its citizens in solitary
confinement refinement regiment best measure of contemporary
progress deep within concrete away from specticality
muscle twinge to press the plunger dutifully
two chemicals to murder the third to halt his feeling capacity
last words replicating through the populists like a speech from mitt romney
hatred breeding hated government fearing anatomy
until that white privilege-boy's incapacitated
sputtering at the mirror in the darkly
lit liberal arts college bathroom patting his chest delicately
is this a cell
is this a human body
are we goddamn cells
or we a human body
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is this what you want the beat for? holy shit! i could see this being the best or the worst thing to ever happen to Hip-Hop/Performance Art Poetry