Hello all so I finally went out and bought a mic, USB Dual Pre project series, and music creator 5

I was having a great time and then for some reason for which I cant figure out while recording im having a hissing noise for like 2 seconds. It sounds like those old tvs sssssss then it goes away for like 8sec then returns and so on.

I'm not to sure why this started to happen but it was a good 5hours in. I thought it was the speakers but its not because when I unplug the USB Dual Pre and it switches to my laptop and it still does it

I'm wondering if I should re-install or interference?

Any ideas guys I'm stumped

Maybe there's something wrong with my rig but this is how I'm recording

Flaxwood ajia ---> Maxon CP9 pro + ---> Maxon OD9 pro+ ---> Boss NS-2 ---> Mesa Dual recto 100watt head ---> 2 x 12 Mesa cab

micing the cab

Shure SM57 ---->USB Dual Pre project series --->Music creator 5
i dont know music creator 5, but you probably have a trial version of it wich has been expired after apparently 5 hours, and the hiss is to make the program rather uselss, and they hope you'll buy it so the hiss goes away
i would try to wipe your drivers and do a fresh install. disable anything in the device manager you don't need. get dpc latency checker. try again
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Ok I figured out the problem apparently if i don't enter the key for the amplitude effects it makes a shitty busy noise aka making the program suck so all i had to do was register the product and now im g2g

thanks for the help guys