Okay so I have been singing for half a year now I haven't taken any lessons but I am recognizing the problems I am facing.

1. I need to learn how to project properly. (i.e. singing to much from one area)
2. I would like to learn how to properly put power behind my voice.
3. I need to find the range I am comfortable with but, I don't know how. ( I have a piano so like what is the proper way to find my range)
4. I need to find that comfortable range on my guitar.

So for these. Where do I begin?
Proper projection is pretty much the "power" you're looking for which all connects to correct breathing and voice placement.

Get to know the mask of your face, that is where your voice should be (well, in a figurative sense, we all know your voice really comes from your vocal cords). You can visualize it in so many ways: singing from your eyes, or the top of your head, or whatever helps you find it. You will know because your nose may slightly tingle/vibrate and it's actually rather effortless (no vocal cord stress).

When you breathe you should breathe "from the diaphragm". Your whole chest cavity should expand including even in your back. Your shoulders shouldn't move up and down when you breathe either.

This whole breathing thing is really physical. As in, usually it is demonstrated to you doing lots of touching to show you where you should feel things, etc. So it's kind of hard to just tell/type to someone.

You can poke at this video to see if it helps you any:

As for range.. well usually your range is determined by a singing teacher/vocal coach, but you shouldn't limit yourself either (range can be slightly extended over long term). I think as long as you are placing your voice correctly, breathing properly and don't feel any stress or strain on your voice/vocal cords you should be ok. Keep in mind that falsetto isn't usually considered your singing range either (no barry white imitations, unless you can really go that low without faking it... and no chipmunks for high notes).

I really suggest if you can, finding an organization in your area for singing or even little weekend singing workshops. It's a very physical process!