I've been playing guitar for awhile now. I'm self taught so I started with drop tuning learning rock and metal so I'm really heavy on that. I'm learning chords and such in standard though. I have a cheap starter acoustic guitar right now and I like to bust out some metal in drop on it a lot but it just doesn't sound good when I go up past like the fifth fret. It just sound dull and muffled. I've had new strings several times, same dullness.

My gf's dad has this old regal, bought for $50 bucks as a gift for him from his wife and it just sound awesome to me. It projects and doesn't feel dampened or muffled even at the twelve fret.

I really wanna know why its sound just pops and projects and where I can find a guitar like that. I'd love some input guys!
go play everything you can get your hands on. my acoustic sounds beautiful all the way up the fretboard, even when i'm doing chords as high as the 18-20 frets. but thats cuz i spent a lot of money on mine (i actually wrote a review for it on here as well... but i got off topic...)

anyway! sounds to me like your ear has developed enough to tell the difference between a plywood starter acoustic and something a little more "guitar" like for the lack of a better word. if you can hear the difference, and its significant enough to make you not like your own, its worth looking into a new one. but what you want will be your choice and we can not help you. i spent literally 5 years before i found the guitar i fell in love with. and i was able to play some hand built guitars that were $8500+. go play everything. try the tunings you want them to be in cuz not all guitars will handle low tunings well.

a great place to start would be Yamaha. their guitars are amazing for the money, and are usually the ones people i know end up going with in the end. but make sure to play multiple guitars of the same make and model cuz each one will sound a little different (or alot if one is a lemon). sorry if this doesn't make sense. i've been up for almost 20 hours now and i desperately need sleep
It is true -- not all guitars are created equal. I bought my first good acoustic guitar after playing a nasty old dreadnought for years. Although my new guitar has a slightly smaller body, its construction and woods are so good it projects really well and has incredible volume -- so much so I have problems hearing the stereo when I'm playing along with music!

Solid woods and good construction make a huge difference -- now get out there and try out some awesome guitars! It is well worth waiting and saving for a good one (especially a second hand one, as the second hand market is really good these days).