Is it worth it to change out a stock Gibson Tune-O-Matic bridge for a Graphtech or a Tonepros? Thinkin' I might slap on a Bigsby and maybe I should upgrade to one of those brands at the same time. Thanks in advance.

- Joe
If you're thinking of installing a Bigsby than you have to change the basic TOM bridge into a roller TOM anyways. And if you're gonna change your basic Gibson TOM into something better than you're obvious choice would be the Graph Tech TOM. Cause there's very little difference between the stock Gibson and Tonepros TOM bridges imo when comparing tone or tuning stability.
What's better about the Tonepros or the Graphtech which you say is the best? And thank you for that heads up. Is there a good roller TOM I should be aware of?
Tonepros bridges are all quality products, but the Graph Techs string saver saddles will seriously just blow you away. I use graph techs pretty much in all of my guitars and because the graph tech saddles and nuts I usually have to tune my guitar maybe once a month if even that. And your guitars strings will sound more open and have better harmonics with the graph tech saddles.

For a really good roller bridge I would recommend on checking out Schaller.

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I was thinking of getting the Graph Tech String savers. Why are some of them "offset"? Why would some one want the screw to the side and not the middle?
The offset probably easier to reach with a screwdriver to intonate. Haven't seen those.

I've got a Bigsby on my Les Paul and can't recommend the Graphtec saddles enough. I've got them on a Resomax bridge. The resomax/graphtec setup sounds significantly less dull than the (Wilkinson) roller bridge it replaced, and actually keeps better tune and has less friction.

I had trouble with the TOM sized roller bridge not 'rolling' properly - some of the rollers would glide right along, and some would just stick, which sort of defeats the point of the unit. I have a roller bridge on my Gretsch that works perfectly, and is even smoother with the Bigsby. You can basically breathe on the arm and it warbles. The difference, I think, is that the Gretsch has a Space Control bridge, which is a much larger bar with big rollers for each string that grip better and probably have less friction to the axle. Also, the tailpiece on a Les Paul is lower, so there's a more severe break angle over the saddles, which might grind the rollers into the axle. Anyway, roller units can work, but ones sized for smaller bridges like the TOM don't seem to perform as well.

Here's the roller I didn't like:
Here's the Graphtec one I have on now, that I like:
That's the one I had, same as the one I linked from Stewmac. It is not the same design as the Schaller. I would not recommend it.
Here's a bad review: That bridge is a piece of crap.

Good reviews of a website doesn't mean everything they sell is good, especially with a budget site like Guitar Fetish. I've bought more than one thing I didn't like from that site.