I am trying to work out a song in this tuning; Db-Ab-Eb-Ab-C-Eb.
But I haven't the slightest idea of any chords shapes in this tuning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
don't think of it as shapes, rather think of it as set of notes. Take chord you want to play, find the notes on fretboard and make your own 'shapes'. I think i've seen some lessons around here about chord construction, that could be a good place to start ^^ (unless you know this already)

btw D-F-A is D minor
As stated above - create your own chords. Chords are much easier to remember when you build them yourself and know where the root 3rd and 5th are, the mind actually remembers how they work rather than just a hand shape of no musical relevance.


First is an Ab chord, Second is a Dm chord, just find the notes on the fretboard so you can find more.