Am in the middle of building my first guitar, and im up to wiring together all the pots and pups and such. What kind of wire do i use to connect everything?

It's going to have a HSS pup style guitar, with 2 tones, a volume and 5-way switch if that makes a difference.
It doesn't really matter I don't think; I just use stranded 24 or 26 AWG. Maybe use shielded wire for "long" runs for best results.

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Yeah I would use only shealded wire to help stop hum. I don't think it really matters what kind of wire you use but I'm sure somone would say otherwise. Being guitarests and all, we're all rather fussy.
Buy Mogami wire, my friend (if you manage to find it somehow). It's shielded, it has a minimum loss of signal... But it's expensive. (I'll give you a hint: Ibaney is using it in its Premium Guitars Series or in its Tube Screamer 808 Hand Wired Edition.
ill probably buy the first thing I find, seeing as though it needs to be done by next week :P were will i find any of this sheilded stuff in australia?
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I'm also in the wiring phase and had the same question. I was planning on using shrink tubing. Is that the same as "shielding"?
It's such a small current that really it doesn't matter what you use. In terms of shielding i would worry more about shielding the control cavity rather than the wire itself. I used 0.25 mm² wire on my last wiring job on a guitar and that worked fine.

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I bought a big roll of speaker wire a few years ago and just use that. I bought a 250 foot roll and still have plenty left
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