Haven't been able to keep my post:crit ratio as even as I'd like since I haven't had regular access to a computer lately, sorry about that.


Lamp light, foot tramp.
Avoidance of non-weed,
non-alcohol nonsense lifestyle.
On a busy freeway of
sidewalks, sun sets sandy
and sunday wait.
Distilled and plastic happy,
not shit but deadly.
Tarantula respect for
the souless.
The weak, meak and
hapless; in a bunch.
Daddy and a five by
four (still doing
business I see) go
hand in hand.
Fat pride and no wallet
in sight. A blue-eyed, yellow,
black gold dealer. Junkie,
middle man.
Cut out but not cut loose.
More obese than his pride,
yet to go gymming.
Diabetic shot of
insulin, adrenaline kick-
A bug on a cloudy
cotton mattress.
"We should swap".
Hilarious sit-com like
little cunt.
Spoilt and nicked in
all the right parts but
not entirely happy.
Not entirely satisfied.
Not entirely lawful, either.
Moon struck and melted.
Synthetic synasthetic in
orange skies and hippie-
indian country cars; floating.
Dubstepping drum 'n' bass,
very lifting. Spirituality
fondled by a few uppie-yuppie
noises with anti-hipster molecules.
Sine/saw sharks and beasts.
Drooling mumbled,
chocolate sprinkled.
Demanding (but not bound
to) fogs and cigarettes.
A spider skewed to
hugging and keeping
jaws shut.
Picture Goliath neutered
on anti-depressants, incense
and horse tranquilizers.
A big stain on "perfection".
Trance-like tranquil, not
limited at least.
Writing formulae, giving gasps
at obvious answers like
banks equal gods.
Locals and pigs in
cages of their own riches.
It's free.
It's all free and we're not invited.
I like this. it's stream of consciousness with a purpose: look at what you're looking at: sometimes it is actually what it seems to be, but not what it is:

demanding, but not bound to, ________.

the line breaks are excellent. like life: apparently random, undefined.
look closer. the multi-colored middle man: it's not his skin.

observation without question. I want to write one of these per day. there's nothing to critique about it, no form that it should mold to, no object that it forgets to mention: it simply is. and it's free.