Probably the weirdest piece I've ever created. It's sort of ambient and progressive. Some parts are very atmospheric. The basic idea is that it's set in deep space in some dark cybernetic spacecraft with all these weird robotic noises going on. Sort of like Nostromo in the film "Alien". You probably won't like it but whatever. I'll crit back obviously.
Well, this is unusual '-'

It's really strange, but I liked section 4, probably because it's kinda normal...
But I think this would fit well in a game, to set the mood in a space base or something...

Can't say much, really '-', if you were trying something to put on a movie or a game I guess it would fit...
Well yeah it's supposed to be weird, but I can't blame anyone for thinking "what the f*** is this shit" or whatever... it's too strange even for me.

I guess it would fit in a game, or it could be one of those ambient interludes you get on some albums that sets the mood for the next track or something.
Dude, everything up to bar 47 is AMAZING. It sounds so robotic and mechanized, like something that'd play in a space factory in a video game. Section 4 didn't fit with the song at all. I'd prefer if it kept the robotic feel throughout.

I had heard this way back when you posted the thread, but I didn't comment. Now, I listened to it again, and I had to find this thread to post in it. I searched posts that contain "robotic" in the Tabs and Chords forum Then I felt bad when I saw people's comments, because nobody really said it was awesome.

Which is a shame, because it is pretty damn awesome.

EDIT: Actually, section 4 is alright. It makes for a nice transition into Section 5.
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What kind of drugs you were using? I'm very curious.

Yeah well can't really crit since this goes over my sense. It's not bad, but it's very odd. I couldn't listen to this kind of music for too long in a row.