Hey all,

I downloaded a filter effect on the Ipod and I was wondering how I could add it to my effect pedals? I know that I need to have some kind of output converter... I was thinking about iRig or something similar(or do you guys know how to make sg similar like this???). Now IF I add an 1/4 adaptor to the HEADPHONES "out" on the iRig, is it possible that I could hook it up to my other pedals, thus adding it to the effect chain? Because in theory I believe it could work, but has anybody tried doing it? I don't want to waste my money on iRig if it wouldn't work :/

Thanks in advance!
iRig might work. your plan sounds pretty solid. try to find videos of it on youtube
Itll work but headphone impedance wont match up to instrument impedance. So youll get signal degration. I suppose you could run the guitar into a buffer first. But you're better off with a pedal.