hi,i'm going to buy ibanez rg1570 guitar but i'm not satisfied with v7/8 pickups,i wanna know is it possible to replace ibanez rg1570 pickups with petrucci dimarzio liquifire and crunchlab?
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far as i know, sure.

but a better amp would be probably a better use of your funds...
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Petrucci has used a lot of pickups throughout the years, so it is kind of hard to narrow down "petrucci pickups"

In the early 90's (Images and Words) he used a Tone Zone in the bridge and I believe an Air Norton in the neck

In the mid 90's (Awake) he used a Steve's Special in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck. For 7 strings, he used Blaze pickups. This is the setup he has used for a long time.

Around the mid/late 2000s, (Systematic Chaos) he used a Dsonic/Dsonic 7 in the bridge and a Air Norton/Air Norton 7 in the neck

Recently (Black Clouds) he uses the Crunchlab/crunchlab7 in the bridge and a liquifire/liqufire7 in the neck.

In my opinion the Petrucci sound is the Steve Special/Air Norton and the Blaze 7s.
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