I've had my Gibson SG 60s Tribute for around a month now and already I'm noticing chips appearing on the side of the guitar. I use my guitar very carefully and haven't knocked it on anything so far. But last night a chip appeared where the paint had flaked off and it was on the part of the body which normally rests on your leg. Now had it only been small, on the back or fairly unnoticeable I'd be fine with it but it's around 8mm long and on the edge on the front. Is this normal for a Gibson? I'm worried that more like this will appear in the future and for a guitar that was built in April, it shouldn't be picking up scratches like this. Also, is there anything I can do to cover up this one? For instance is there a type of paint I can use just to fill it in?

Help would be appreciated!
The edges where the neck is set into the body of my Explorer have cracked the finish right through, nitro is pretty soft so it doesn't take abuse that great.
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That sounds really quick, even for Nitro. If you bought it new, it might be worth a trip to the shop you bought it from to see what they have to say about it.

Good news is, Nitro is very easy to repair. You can buy repair paint from Gibson in the exact color of your guitar, and then re-touch the finish yourself. I'm sure it's available in other places, too, but unless you have a black guitar you'll want to make sure the colors line up exactly.
GuitarReranch has custom Gibson colors in spray cans. But if it is that new take it back and see what the shop says. I remember in the early 90's Ford recalled a boat-load of F-150's for bad paint and completly repainted each truck for free. Maybe Gibson had a bad batch ?
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To answer your question, is this normal for a Gibson? No it's not, that's very weird since you take good care of it. The finish they use is fragile/thin compared to the other options, but it isn't THAT fragile.

I haven't done much finish work so I'm not really sure what the problem could be. Nitrocellulose (the finish that Gibson uses) reacts with vinyl plastics if they're against them enough. Maybe your pants are causing a reaction? I doubt it but it's a possibility..? How deep is the chip, is it down to raw wood, just the clear coat, etc? If you can post a picture of it with something to compare the size with, like a quarter or paperclip in the shot.

I would take it to the shop you bought it from and see what they think. Explain that you take care of the instrument and haven't ever dropped it or anything. That would piss me off if I paid for a new Gibson and had to deal with something like that.
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