Really interesting track, really like the use of effects. After the first heavy bit that chorus (?) is beautiful. Very progressive and a bit experimental with the drums. I'm not 100% keen on the solo but it fits the progressive track @ 2:48. The whole build up from start to the 4:00 mark is really great. With the drums building is really cool. The guitar bits at about 5:00 (is that phaser?) sounds really great. It sounds like you need to bring down the distortion a bit,maybe a good overdrive effect would be better as a suggestion and some of the highs are really peneratrating. Cracking track.

Haha while I like that solo, in hindsight that section would fit better as a separate song rather than a section in this one... I think the 'guitar bits' at 5:00 that you're referring to is actually the keyboard lead (?) If that's the case then it's just the vintage lead patch on my keyboard played through a vocal compressor. I agree with just about everything you said Thanks for the crit!
Wow, this is very beautifully done. The flow is absolutely stunning, and everything works together very nicely. The only negative thing I can find is that the distorted guitars have a bit too much fuzz on them. I absolutely love that solo, too. Quite moving! The bit after it is, again, absolutely stunning, and the build is just so well done.

Overall, this is an absolutely beautiful piece, the only down side being just a bit too much fuzz. Other than that, there aren't enough good things I can say about this.
Metorical, this is another one that had me almost thinking I was listening to Tangerine Dream. Liked it a lot. Since we're talking about the guitar solo, I liked it but if you did it with a slightly thicker fuzz tone I think it would be better. Sounded a bit thin. When you you go into the melody at 3:55 it really reminded me of TD. I also thought the keyboard at 5:00 was a guitar also.