Hi guys !

I'm on my final year of university. An for my final project I will be trying to plan and design my own innovative guitar pickup.

I'm currently writing up my proposal for this.

I'm just wondering could any of you guys put me in the right direction ? As in books to read or good sources to get information from.

Your help would amazing


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Skip down to pickup building. Stew-Mac are always a good first port-of-call for basic information. On top of that, there are plenty of guys on this forum (and others) with years of experience building pickups: a quick search should get you something.

EDIT: try some of these sites


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How about something like the OPPOSITE of active pickups. Like, where instead of using a battery, when you play, it charges the battery.

Or a quad-bucker for really thick sounds.

Really these are terrible ideas. If you do one, I will be impressed and you should send me prototypes.