Hi Guys got a new recording for y'all. This is literally one of the oldest songs I've wrote and it's also been one of my most popular with my friends and outside the local pub (lol). Think this is a good recording/performance would like to hear what you think. I don't think I'd be able to do a rewrite of this as it's gone through so many changes over the years the lyrics will have to remain the same Enjoy. Oh c4c always.


edit: (to avoid bumping) The lack of an intro at the moment was the only way I could get the vocals to start strong as the intro kept putting me off and after about 6 hours of recording the same song I thought I'd go with strong start then a good intro and ish start.
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I actually really like this song. At first I wasn't too big on it, maybe it was because it starts so abruptly? It would be interesting to hear what it might sound like with some sort of guitar-only intro. I think some kind of a distinct chorus might add to the song as well, rather than having the same riff repeated throughout, although in a short song like this it's certainly not necessary. I like your vocals for this song, I think they really suit it, and I love the lyrics for it as well! Awesome
I really like this song man! I actually think that the abrupt start was a great way to start it off...no bullshit - just like the rest of the song is. Great melody actually and surprisingly catchy!
I don't know why, perhaps because of some sort of subliminal reasons - I can imagine this song being sung by Adele in that sort of musical style.. so it seems kind of universal and adaptable to all genres which is great!

Good work dude!

Why don't you crit my song, which is as opposite to your song as it gets :P
I have got this version from 2008 recorded really low fi but I recorded it over the internet with my friend playing bass. A mile away from where it originally started and I've got a version or two still different to this but this is probably the best one. All the others are alot worse. quite interesting for a comparison.

I re recorded the track today because that original one the vocals so flat and wanted to add the intro it definitely needed and made a little music video for it.

Check it out.