It's finally finished! http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Evil_Magician/music/all/play1052885

The issues that I'm aware of are: the shifting in tempo - which was caused out of me not recording the drummer with a click. Bad mistake - lesson learned. The untightnes and bad pitch of parts: I realized that I've been spending way too much time on this song so I decided to just finish it quickly and move on. I copy pasted alot of the backing vocals which didn't turn out that well because of the bad tempo changes, and I really slopilly handled alot of the lead vocal parts towards the end.
So PLEASE give crit on all things that are not what I just mentioned

I really apreciate constructive criticism and give back such in return

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The production is brilliant love the 80's rock feel (is that right??) the intro is beautifully moving can really feel a lot of emotion coming through on the guitars. Vocals are a bit nickleback in a good way. The changes are really cool and dynamically different. Proper anthem song could see a bunch of rockers singing along to this in a club. The solo is shredalicous. One of those tracks I'd call perfectly balanced for the genre it's in. Wicked well head banging Thanks for the crit too Adele hey? I really like her style
Spot-on observations of my expectations for the song!
Thanks alot mate.

Well I kinda felt that you did
Thanks for the reviews! Now your song: it starts out very nicely. The vocals remind me of Axl Rose (this is a compliment). I did notice a bit of ..........well, you know. I have read about software that helps timing issues, not sure how much it would help this tune. I used the trial version (free for about a month I think) of Melodyne Editor (not just for pitch correction), and it helped some slight timing issues for some guitar or bass playing of mine. If you try it, Melodyne is a big drain on the computer. I ran it on several tracks at once & the song locked up & I couldn't even open up the song in Cubase until someone on the internet gave me a fix. You gotta bounce the results to a separate track or 2 fairly often. This song sounds quite 80's, which is fine by me. Nice lead guitar. The song itself is very good!
That was really good man. Great recording quality, I wish i could record drums like that. Overall 7.5/10 i'd say
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