I have been lookin around for pickups to put in a guitar project ive been working on (Mahogany explorer with bulbinga top and maple neck) and im in a real dilema choosing pickups. Ive never really done anything like this before as far as building a guitar or anything. So when I was looking around at pickups I saw the new JH EMG set and Im really interested in them but I am also interested in a Seymour Duncan JB and Custom in the bridge or possibly a Pearly Gates in the neck with a Crunch Lab in the bridge. What do you guys think would compliment my guitar the best. I play all forms of metal and really like the sound of Megadeth in the Rust in Peace to Youthinasia era and I love the Solo sound that new band Vector gets. All feedback greatly apreciate

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personally i would go with the emg's great for extended range guitars and low down tunning

Well, if you are going for active pickups I would take a serious look at the seymour duncan Blackout pickups. IMO they sound better than EMGs, they just have more life to them. Also, the Dave Mustaine Livewire pickups are great too. They are basically an active JB/Jazz set. Same tone, but with about 20db of gain added to them.
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Or you can try passive pickups like Seymour Duncan Invader and Screamin Demon. These are gorgeously brutal pickups. Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity uses them in almost all his guitars and these are the pickups I might be getting soon if I have the cash.
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In my opinion there's no pickup sounding sexier than the Seymour Duncan SH-13, a.k.a. the Dimebucker, it sounds amazing, and fits jazz just as well as metal. And on a mahogany body it does it's job even better! Don't know 'bout the neck pick-up though.

But since you like the sound of megadeth, how about seymour duncans dave mustaine signature pick-ups, don't think that could be a bad choice for megadeth fans, although I haven't heard 'em in action.
Ya i was considering the live wires but i havent herd anything great about them anyone with experience with them?
After watching some videos and sound clipps I was thinkingmaybe a SD Full shred or Dimbucker in the bridge and a pearly gates in the bridge. what do you guys think?
^^ was bout to mention budget to recommend a look at BKP's website

beware though, poor technique will shine through these dynamic-ass pickups.....

had to learn the the hard way -_-
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