Alright guys I sure everyone knows that when you add someone as a friend you have to give a reason why,but here's the question do you fill it out with some crappy reason? or do you think they will see it at all?
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I don't usually send friend requests anyway. Some small part of me thinks it's creepy for some reason. If on the rare occassion I do send one I don't tend to give a reason because I've got to know the person I'm adding anyway.

However, putting "If you don't accept this I'll gouge out your eyes with a rusty spoon" usually works.
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I never add friends on UG.
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"hey" usually works.

Seriously?!? I always thought I had to fill it in with a big reason why.

*adds someone as friend*
*types hey*
Dare you to be my friend ........
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Seriously?!? I always thought I had to fill it in with a big reason why.

*adds someone as friend*
*types hey*

I should note that of all the "Friends" I have on my UG profile I've only sent maybe 2 or 3 friend requests. The rest requested me to be their "Friend" and of course many of them said "hey" in the message.
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I've never added anyone. I just get creeps adding me
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I just lurk and then encounter them in the forums. Meh.
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I don't add people, but the most common messages pretty much say "Hey blahblah post blah avatar blah"
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I make up something absurd with little to no relevance. Seems to work.
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I've only added one person.
Reason ; "why not?"

seemed to work fine.

Alternatively you could write a biography in there, but this is Ultimate Guitar not Ultimate Divorcees
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I don't usually say much of anything, but it's been so long since I last sent one that I don't even remember what my stock message was. I never really put too much effort into it because the only people I ever sent requests to were the people that I'd had at least somewhat lengthy exchanges with on the forum that (I'd hope) would understand why I was wanting to add them.