Does an amp need to be biased if you put new matched tubes in them? If so what is involved? I want to put new power tubes in my amp because the factory ones are pretty generic. It sounds good as is, but I have heard name brand tubes can make a world of difference in sound. I'm thinking of going with Svetlana or Tungsol. All instruction/opinions are welcome and appreciated.
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Depends on the amp. What do you have?

It's a Kustom Defender 50 watt amp with switchable EL34/6L6 tube choice. It still has the factory generic tubes in it which are EL34's which I want to stay with. Does it need to be biased or can I just "pop" them in?
Not sure about that one. Hopefully someone else knows. Most amps with that EL34/6l6 switch don't need to be biased, though many of them benefit from it.
unless it is fixed bias, yes it will need to be re-biased unless you get the exact same tubes (mening soft, med, hard breakup values.
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Fixed bias doesn't mean an amp shouldn't be biased. Quite the opposite, in most casees.