I'm Not sure whether this should be posted in Gear Building or not, if so sorry and i will re-post. so i met this guy on craigslist long story short he is going to build me a bass in exchange for items hes buying from me. Well i have played bass for a few years but have never had lessons or anything and never had much money so i don't know a lot about the Specs of basses. Of course he told me to choose everything i want to be on it or in it. but i don't know much about how to choose parts for basses . I need to decide the following...

- Body
(Of course i realize this is purely an aesthetic deal so i can choose this on my own
but anyone can include personal input for body styles) BUT I DO NEED HELP DECIDING WOOD TYPE! because i have heard that the wood can effect the sound of your bass.

- Pickups\Humbuckers

- Hardware

Im a modern style bassist i'm really into Modern Metal. I want to make a Cool Metal-core band (of course i want to be different than those cliche "all we do is breakdowns metal-core band") but i need a more modern style bass. I really need help because i dont know whats good or whats bad and i was just hoping someone could either point me towards a really go customizing guide or give me a lot of (Less Opinionated) help. opinions are ok too but facts would help me out a lot.

Thank You For Your Time!
first off, what are you trading? Is this guy a known professional with credentials or Bob with a circular saw and some left over fence boards and a six pack?

Is he paying for the wood, and hardware or just the man power? because these things can get expensive fast and it might be better to sell your stuff and go with say a warmoth build over time.

That said without starting a flame war about wood tone, I suggest a simple ash or alder, most fender basses use this wood, it works, and their basses sound nice.

Edit: to be honest in my opinion, most bands with metal and -core in the name tend to have the worst bass tone if you can even hear the bass through the chugging de-tuned guitars. I'd suggest if you want you're custom brootz bass to be heard, you make sure to have a very midrange strong rig that stands out when playing with others and not just yourself.
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