hey guys. i need help with a scale. Ive been googleing for about an hour now and its driving me crazy. I have no clue which scale to use. basically I made a riff and I want to write a song from it. can anyone tell me what scale its on?

heres the fret positions n no particular order.

|-X---|------|----X-|-----|-----| <----finger movement

3* 4 5* 6 7* <---- frets

sorry bout the crookedness.
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Assuming that I'm reading your chart right, I will say:

It could be tons of different things, but the two easiest would be C Minor or G major.

I'm going to have to say that, based off of those notes, its probably a Cm.
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... Your diagram is basically useless, try tabbing it.
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It doesn't really matter what scale/key it's in. If you have "wrong" notes in there, they would be considered "accidentals".
Hope that helps!
It doesn't completely fit into any scale (other than chromatic of course). If that Eb wasn't there, it could be G minor pent.
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