i wrote this about the woman i love, i am currently not with her but she knows how i feel. please give honest crits please. thanks


my dear annemarie,this is what you mean to me
you are everything that i can be.
your the silver lining to my cloud
your what i'm not allowed
your the wind beneath my wings
your the song that my heart sings
your the heart to my beat
your the woman i'd give my seat

everyday in my dreams
you tear my world at the seams
you work all day and party all night
when i'm with you it just feels right

your the sun to my rise
you are perfect in my eyes
your my ying to my yang
but i'll call you ambo just for slang
your my sun amongst the stars
your my jupiter to my mars
your my paper to my clip
your my teeth to my zip

your the one that is meant for me
because you make me all that i can be
if i had to wait ten thousand days
my heart would not go astray
i will always wait for you
because you know my heart is true
and i would do whatever i had to
just so i could be with you

so this poem is about what you mean to me
it's all for you miss ambo g
this is for you from me