Location: Airdrie, Canada (close to calgary)
Budget: 650-750 cad
Bedroom player. Only jam w/ other guitarists.
New or used is fine.

Current gear:
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Hamer standard korina explorer.
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Thrash, groove, hair. Shred, punk, hard rock, classic rock.

Short and sweet. I was looking at a 6505 112, but it takes alot of shit for it's speaker and being m.i.c.
Anyways just sold a guitar to buy the combo, now I got cold feet and $$ to buy a new amp. I cant get into the city to play anything till next year. Planning to buy on ebay.
Any big diff between the ht5 combo and mini head n cab?
The head n cab looks better imo, but is it really worth the extra 100$?
For 750, you could get a used 6505 212 combo. But @ 85lbs, it might not be fun to move around often. And not really be suited for classic rock, but for the bolded stuff you listed it will handle them At that price point, you have a LOT of options if you go with a combo. Blackstar, Laney, Jet City, Bugera, Peavey, Traynor etc etc With the range of styles you listed, you'll have to sacrifice in some areas.



Probably could talk him down some. Then you'd have to find a cab. Just don't get suckered into a cheap marshall MG 4x12 cab!!
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Idk if you're still interested in one. But I'm selling a peavey 6505+112 thats in like-new condition. Shoot me a pm if you are.

It really is a great amp for most of the stuff you listed. (pry not for the classic rock, but with a nice overdrive/distortion pedal on the rhythm channel I find it to be quite usable)
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Looking at the genres you enjoy playing, it's probably good that you got cold feet. I don't think a 6505 would cover all that ground very well.

Maybe check out one of the traynor tube combos, like a ycv50 or something.
Get that triple xxx listed, then get a cheap cab until you can upgrade. I'd probably recommend a 2*12

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