I know, I know...more of this Indaba stuff -.- Forgive me! If this nonsense isn't allowed on the forums, I apologize and welcome the big stick that will smack this thread into oblivion.

My buddy has been working his ass off lately on a lot of musical adventures, trying to make something of all the time he's put into playing guitar. Quite frankly, I don't know who the hell Bayside is, but my friend entered their solo contest on Indaba (similar to the recent Staind contest) to try and get some exposure. I told him I would haul ass getting him votes.

If you do vote, I'll pave your driveway in solid gold and bring you fresh milk straight from the cows every morning for the rest of your days. But really, if you could lend a helping hand by giving up 30 seconds of your life to vote, both myself and my friend would really appreciate it.

Vote Here

Simply click the blue "Vote" on the right and enter your email. No registration required.

If you want to check out his other material: http://youtube.com/user/shteegilp

Seriously, thank you to anyone who votes. *brohug*
Voted, don't pave my drive way with gold, just gives it to me, and I'll trade it in for cash...

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Good luck mate...
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Thanks everybody. He's moved from 40-something to 3rd over the past day.

Your milk will be delivered starting next Monday. Do not be alarmed if you find a man messing with your refrigerator in the early morning. I mean no harm.