I'm looking for a new set of pickups for my Fender MIM Jazz. It's not necessarily that I'm seeking a new tone, but my bridge crapped out on me and I need a replacement. (It's been looked at twice to no avail.) While my neck pup isnt necessarily bad, I figure theres always rooom for impovement while I'm at it.

I'm looking for something around $100-120 for a set and needs to be easily avalible (no custom windings for me.) These need to be rather versatile, as I play in a jazz band, along with your average teenage rock-n-roll (everything from classic rock to a little metal, alternative, etc.) Neck should be a bit thumpy (think p-bass) and bridge should be a bit on the zingy side. I really don't know much about pickups so I need a little help. Bands that you could look at tonally for direction include Led Zeppelin, Muse, Switchfoot, Guns N' Roses, and any sterotypical pop-punkish music you could throw at it.

Some pickups I've been looking at:
Dimarzio Area J's
Dimarzio Model J's
Bartolini 91J's
Fender Noiseless Jazz (I really haven't looked at these, but they seem similar to the Area J's)

I play through a GK MB115 combo, and occasionally run through a EHX Bass Big Muff.

Any input you have would be great, thanks!
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Dimarzio Model Js are epic - but they have a very different sound to other J pickups - really thick sound that work really well in a band, the neck pickup solo'd sounds almost bang on P-bass.
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From your list, I'd go with the Bartolini pickups.
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From your list, I'd go with the Bartolini pickups.


I've just put a PJ set in my Fender and, my God, they sound good.
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Are the Fenders you're looking at the plain noiseless or the SCN? I've got the SCNs in one of my basses, they're pretty decent but lack a bit in the top end. I don't think they were meant to be used as a stand-alone passive pickup, rather paired with an active preamp.
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Right now I'm debeating between the Model J and the Barts. I wont be doing jazz for much longer, so that's not so much of a factor as long as I can get a passable jazz tone for a couple months. I heard the Barts have somewhat of a low output, and that worries me that I won't get enough "oomph" at times, but for all I know I can dial that in or out. Any more suggestions? I know MF has spectacular customer service so I can always return them, but I need to figure ou which to get first.
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I would say the Model J in the bridge and a Ultra Jazz in neck for the P-bass like tone.
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I'm an EMG *****, so of course I'm gonna recommend those. BUT....... the dimarzios and the barts would be worth a look. Also remember that big muffs sometimes dont agree with active basses, don't ask me why.
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