Yeah so for my english assignment i have to make a parody of an advertisement, basically just changing some words around maybe pasting a picture in or something. Ex. making fun of fast food chains, alcohol etc. If you guys have an pictures that you think would be good to make fun of or ideas or anything that would be really awesome. I've tried a couple mcdonalds and vodka ads but i can't think of anything funny

An ad with a white background would be fantastic.
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Parody the Old Spice commercial. You know sandwich one.


I'm trying to imagine how it could work, though. The only thing that's leaping to mind is maybe do a kitty litter one, since that's also about smell?
Why not do a parody of the 'Specsavers' ones, they're usually funny.

Although, a parody of a serious commercial would be better. Most insurance companies have mind-numbingly serious adverts, you should make fun of those.
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wtf kind of english assignment is that...

A stupid one, when the hell am i ever going to have to do a parody of an ad, or draw a cartoon based off of a myth? Never, this is english 11 BTW, most useless course i've ever taken.
Do one about all the adbots on this site? Talk about the need to facelift bar and say "shit."
Obviously Fassa.
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But do something like eating or drinking.


Stomach pain?

Losing weight?

Try eating.
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Do one about meth, make it seem great say stuff like
-It'll make you lose weight.
-Tired of having so many teeth? Meth'll fix that right up!
-Need more paint thinner in your diet? Use Meth!

Or do one about steroids..
-Tired of having such big nuts?
-Wanna get yoked but you're too damn lazy to properly build muscle?
-Wanna get boobs?
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