no downtuning, 11 and up? i'm at .12, makin my way up to the .13

do any of you guys use heavy guage strings? Why? It doesnt count if you tune down abnoxiously haha

I do it half because my Jazzmaster hates light strings(they pop from the bridge too easily) and because they actually do kinda beef up the tone.
i like to use 11s on my hardtail bridge guitars casue i dont like floppy strings and imo they sound better i dont like the jangly sound

10s on floyd guitars just becasue its easier to set up for me but i dont like 9s they feel to thin

and 13s on my acoustics casue of the sound of them they make the whole guitar louder and vibrate more

all in e standard or open tunings nothign lower than drop D
I'm using 12s in D standard, which I don't think is obnoxiously low.
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I use 11's because I get a fuller and better tone than lighter strings, IMO.
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I just went from 10s to 11s. Standard tuning. I haven't decided how much I like them. They're ok, but I can say for sure I wouldn't want to go to 12s.
I think I have 11s on my Strat, but it could be 10s right now. Its at home and I'm at school. I should really man up and use 12s though.

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I use 11's to 52 in Standard, and if I could figure out how to correctly set up a guitar from a tech, I would be using higher in standard, probably 13's. I love big strings.

I'm using 12-60s right now for D standard to A# Standard, and even then there's bow on the neck.
11's or 12's in std only.
Strat - 9s in standard
Les Paul - 11s in standard
Ibanez - 12s in drop B

I like 9s in standard on anything other than a Les Paul. I love the thicker sound of thick strings on a guitar with a thick sound already, like a Les Paul. Also, the LP's scale length allows for thicker strings without getting them too tight.
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12-56, down in C standard. I like the wound 3rd that Dean Ms come with.

Just started playing with some people, might tune down a half step for it. don't think I could play wih a .68, thats insane.
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Had a friend with .13s on a floyd rose (not original) it was an M something LTD Deluxe, he didn't have any trouble.

I use .11s and I think they might be the best choice so far because of the best of both worlds chugga chugga and lead work comfort. But I'll probably try .12s out at some point but not .13s.



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10-52s on a 24.75 scale - good for dropped D, but great tone and feel, good bottom end definition, and still not to hard to bend the crap out of.
If I were to play in standard tuning I'd probably do 11-52 or around there.

Right now I use 12-56 in drop C, I am actually consdering going up to a 12-60 set for it. My guitar is currently in C standard with the 12-56 set and it feels loose aside from my C, that feels okay. But when I drop it to a# it doesn't feel right.

I like tight strings. So heavy gauge feels great for me.

I will never understand 8's or even 9's.. Even 10's are too little for me.
i use 56-12 in drop b. idk if that counts as obnoxiously low or not lol. would use bigger but this is the biggest size i can get without ordering online. i just love the feel and sound of big strings, can't stand using something like light gauge.
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