Hey guys.

I have a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge position on my guitar, and I'm thinking about putting a Dimarzio Liquifire in the neck. Would this be a good combination? Is there anything I should worry about when mixing different pickup brands in the same guitar?

I probably sound like an idiot, but **** it.
I don't see why you couldn't mix them together , as I recall both use a 4-wire set up and the type of wood is good for both pickups it should be fine. Just call/email both company's and ask them, Dimarizo is especially good about answering questions like this.

For the sound that's hard to say as I haven't listened to either in person, but both pickups have a big chunk of bass and high mids. You will however be lacking in the highs.

So your going to be a bit limited in terms of versatility, but for chugging rifts and helping your guitar cut through the noise of a jam that combo would pretty deadly from what I can tell.
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